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Welcome to Revare

Redefining South Asian Fashion Through Sustainability

In New York City’s cultural hub, Revare makes its mark through sustainable South Asian fashion. But Revare extends beyond fashion—it represents a connection to culture and a commitment to making a difference. 

What is Revare? 

Revare was founded by Aria Gupta, who was inspired by a simple dilemma: her mother’s reluctance to part with her grandmother’s cherished silk sarees during a move. Aria saw an opportunity to find a solution that was both practical and meaningful, and thus, Revare was born. 

In Aria’s words, “Revare isn’t just about fashion—it’s about preserving what matters most while embracing a brighter, more sustainable future together.” 

Revare offers a platform to sell, buy, rent, and donate South Asian fashion. It provides an easy browsing experience, helping users feel connected to their culture without the need to travel to India. 

The Rise of Sustainable Fashion in India 

Indian attire, with its elaborate designs, is typically worn only a couple of times due to its grandeur. The fashion industry in India is projected to be a $106 billion industry in 2026. This rapid incline leads to catastrophic waste, with one million tons of textiles discarded annually in India. The textile industry is also one of the country’s largest greenhouse gas emitters. 

Fortunately, sustainable fashion is taking over India, and Revare wants to join this revolution. Companies such as Doodlage are creating handmade garments from factory waste and recycled materials. While currently a niche market, Revare plans to expand this and draw attention to sustainable fashion choices. 

The Future of Revare 

Revare aspires to streamline South Asian thrifting, aiming to establish a one-stop platform accessible to all. With the rising population of thrifting, Revare is set to make a notable impact in sustainable fashion.


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