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The Rise of Indo-Western Clothing

In the bustling streets of New York City, where cultures collide and creativity thrives, a unique fashion movement is taking shape. Meet Aria, the visionary behind Revare, a brand that’s redefining Indo-Western fashion through innovative DIY upcycled clothing.

Aria’s journey began with a simple desire to breathe new life into pre-loved outfits, particularly traditional South Asian garments like kurtis and salwars. Tired of seeing these beautiful pieces stained, torn, or simply discarded, she embarked on a mission to transform them into something fresh and contemporary.

Driven by her wardrobe challenges and a rising demand for affordable Indo-Western fashion, Aria embarked on a journey of garment redesign, crafting pieces primarily for herself and her mom. However, as word of her innovative designs spread among friends and family, Aria felt compelled to share her creations with a wider audience, culminating in Revare’s recent photoshoot. While the showcased pieces were initially limited in size, as they were tailored for Aria and her mom, Revare is committed to expanding its offerings to embrace inclusivity in sizing, ensuring that Indo-Western fashion on Revare is accessible to all. 

The concept behind Revare is simple yet powerful: to bridge the gap between South Asian and Western fashion sensibilities while promoting sustainability. By upcycling existing pieces, Aria not only reduces waste but also creates unique, one-of-a-kind outfits that resonate with her Indian-American identity.

The recent photoshoot organized by Revare was a testament to Aria’s vision and determination. Mobilizing her friends to help, she orchestrated a stunning visual narrative that captured the essence of her brand. From the bustling subway stations of Brooklyn to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, each location was carefully chosen to reflect the fusion of cultures that defines Indo-Western fashion.

The models selected for the photoshoot were diverse and representative of Revare’s commitment to inclusivity. A viral video call for model applications attracted over 115 individuals within a matter of hours, showcasing the widespread enthusiasm for Aria’s sustainable fashion initiative. Each model brought their unique flair to the shoot, further emphasizing the versatility of Revare’s creations.

Leading up to the photoshoot, Aria’s mom stitched and fixed up the outfits at the last minute, ensuring all the pieces were picture-perfect. Despite unpredictable weather the day of the photoshoot, it was a resounding success. Aria’s innovative two-piece sets and wristlets, crafted from repurposed fabrics, stole the spotlight, while the picnic scene featuring recycled props added a touch of charm to the visuals.

Looking ahead, Revare aims to inspire others to embrace sustainable fashion and creative DIY initiatives. Through cool collaborations and upcoming events, Aria hopes to continue spreading awareness about the importance of upcycling and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

For Aria and the team at Revare, the photo shoot was more than just a showcase of their designs—it was a celebration of creativity, community, and sustainable living. As they embark on their journey to transform Indo-Western fashion, they invite everyone to join them in reimagining what’s possible with a little ingenuity and a lot of heart.

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